Prerequisites for Submission of NFRA-1 Form

For submitting NFRA 1 Form, user needs to submit the following details/documents.

In case of Indian Body Corporate:
  1. PAN of Indian authorized individual

  2. PAN of body corporate

  3. DIN of Director / Membership No. of CS / PAN of Manager or CEO or CFO

  4. Income tax PAN of auditor / audit firm

  5. Membership number of auditor / auditor firm registration number

  6. In case the auditor is appointed due to casual vacancy, then membership no. of auditor or registration no. of audit firm who/which vacated the office needs to be provided in the form.

  7. Copy of written consent given by auditor & Copy of resolution passed by the body corporate

  8. Digital Signature (DSC) of User (Director / Manager / CEO / CFO / Company Secretary)

In case of Foreign Body Corporate

  1. Passport Number of foreign authorized individual

  2. Registration number of foreign body corporate and name of provider of registration number

Technical Requirements for the Application

  1. For JAVA

    Download the latest version of JAVA from here Click Here

  2. DSC Signer Service

    Download the utility from this link for WINDOWS Click Here

In case of any query, please drop an e-mail to helpdesk[at]nfra[dot]gov[dot]in